The EU and UK Gov issues

Woodland GardenI used to like the EU, but the last number of years (14) have noticed the increasing bullying tactics used by them, not just here but Greece etc etc, and now we have not a democracy in this country but an autocracy, which is blindingly obvious with Cameron et al constantly telling us (their paymasters!!!) what we should think and do! how to bring up our kids, and all the other stupid pointless nannying laws that are coming out of westminster/cardiff and holyrood…

My suggestion is if the NO campaign wins, It should be a requirement to disolve Parliament and these feeble employees that we have employed! (after all we have all made lets not dwell on it!)

And call for a general election across the board within 6 months!
I am posting this on here because I cant on twitter!
Please share if you agree. With everyone and anyone you can!


Mr B Griffiths (Lifelong UK citizen)


About bazgriffiths

Reading books, History and Crime fiction lover! also love gardening and all things natural. I.T Support is my game,
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