Holy Spy by Rory Clements

Holy Spy







Holy Spy by Rory Clements


Holy Spy is the seventh in the John Shakespeare series. These Tudor spy thrillers follow Shakespeare, the Queen’s intelligencer, and a number of now familiar character in plots which revolve around actual historical events. Holy Spy explores the Catholic conspiracy of 1586, in which a number of prominent English Catholics plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, free Mary Tudor and place her on the throne by opening England to a Catholic supporting Spanish invasion. At the same time John Shakespeare’s former lover stands accused of murder, a crime he is sure she did not commit and one he must solve if she is to avoid the noose.


I found this particular Clements novel rather slow going in the first half, although the second sped along nicely in Clements’ usual style. Despite this the main story is as fascinating as ever, rivalling modern spy thrillers in its complexity and interest and drawing upon accurate historical detail which renders it genuine and sympathetic. I rather lost patience with the secondary story which felt rather convoluted and drawn out but overall I felt this did not detract too much from the enjoyment of the book. For readers new to Clements I would personally recommend the other novels in the series over this one but I am sure established Clement fans will not be disappointed.

You can purchase this title from http://www.lovereading.co.uk



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