‘Zoo Station’ by David Downing

Set in 1930s, this historical espionage thriller provides a fascinating insight into the precarious world of an English journalist living and working in Nazi Germany. John Russell needs to balance the political requirements of the Third Reich against his own inclination for allowing the truth about life and ‘justice’ in a totalitarian state to be known. Not only this but due to his unusual position as an Englishman with a certain freedom within the country, he is unwilling recruited by both the Russians and the British to pass sensitive information to both parties, without being caught by the SS.

Russell’s tendency for compassion also leads him to help a persecuted Jewish family, which puts not only his life and freedom in danger but also that of his German girlfriend, his son and his friends.

The grim realityzoo station of life under the Third Reich just before the outbreak of war provides a grisly backdrop to the complexities of Russell’s life and work. All the horror of daily life under the regime is played out in and around Zoo Station, a suburban railway stop in Berlin . Murders, torture, the smuggling of official secrets, the planned genocide of “defective” children – all is seen by the impassive building. Can he keep one step ahead of the powers that control all aspects of life in Nazi Germany? He certainly can’t rely on assistance from the Soviet Union or Britain but can he trust his friends and family? Has the Nazi regime so indoctrinated them that they might turn him in under a sense of misplaced loyalty or just pure fear? Read this fascinating page turner and you’ll be hooked on reading the rest of the series!

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