The Beginning: The story of the Bookshelf Elf

I just wanted to share with you a situation that has been happening for some time now, in the cottage where I live. I had noticed several years ago that when I had purchased a book and come back from the shop I invariably left it on my “to read” bookshelf, i.e. to be read at a later date / time/work notwithstanding.

But the book seemed to disappear as if by magic when the time came for me to read it. After a period of time (I am not the brightest star in the cosmos), I had reason to believe that there must be other agencies at work. So after coming back from one of my usual book shop visits clutching a bag of wonderment that was later to be perused and enjoyed, I sat in a quiet dark corner of the room where the items had been placed as a trap. After many hours of waiting…nothing happened. So I continued with my normal routine, but returning again to the “to read” shelf it had once more been relieved of a literary gem that my eyes had not yet had the chance to caress!

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I came upon the ruse that I may be able to catch this little purloiner of my precious print with the smell of a cooking bacon sandwich (well it would bring me out of hiding anyway!). So I commenced with the frying of the bait. After a few minutes, there, to my surprise, it appeared at my knee.

Now, I know you aren’t going to believe this and will write if off as childish fantasy fiction, but really, honestly, absolutely – it’s true – I have a Bookshelf Elf!

To be continued…


About bazgriffiths

Reading books, History and Crime fiction lover! also love gardening and all things natural. I.T Support is my game,
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