Fisher of Men by Pam Rhodes-Review

A funny and heart warming tale of a young curate in his first parish told in the best traditions of British comic writing. Neil Fisher, a young and shy man is also a man with faith who has chosen the church as his career. Neil arrives in Dumbridge nervous at what he will find. Will people like him? Will he fit in? Will he be able to cope with the public speaking? Will he be able to cook well enough to survive? It’s not just the services, the home visits, harvest festivals, nativity plays and toddler groups, poor Neil has to cope with an overbearing mother and falling in love as well. Jam packed with all the wonderful eccentricities one would expect in a small country town, this book is a wonderful introduction to the ups and downs of life in a busy Church of England parish. Whether you have faith or not this book will bring light into your day and a smile to your lips, as Neil negotiates his way through births, marriages and deaths with plenty of light entertainment in between.
A festival of quirky and loveable characters!!!

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