River of No Return by Bee Ridgway – Review

The River of No Return

 What an enthralling, original and addictive read! This book has been compared to ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ and ‘The Night Circus’, if either of these are half as good as ‘The River of No Return’ they will be next on my reading list.

A mixture of sci-fi and romance this story travels through the centuries, casting its characters into fascinating and intriguing situations. Nick, originally from the early nineteenth century is, at point of death, transported to the 21st century and a new life with few cares and plenty of money. But his world is controlled by The Guild, a secretive and powerful organisation who round up time travellers for their own purposes. The Guild call on Nick to travel back to his original world to fulfil their objectives of infiltrating The Ofan, a breakaway group of renegade travellers, with their own agenda. Back as the Marquess of Blackdown, Nick again encounters the enigmatic Julia, who, unknown to her, has time manipulation powers of her own. Nick and Julia become lost in a world of plots and unfamiliar dangers, not knowing who to trust or even if they can trust each other.

Underlying the escapism of the main storyline are real world concerns about power, money, trust and strength of character. The historical scenes are absorbing, the concepts and philosophy, captivating. A sequel must be on its way and I, for one, will be waiting!


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