After Flodden by R Goring

After Flodden by Rosemary Goring.
This is an historical novel which combines political rivalries with rich and poor intertwined, and the grim reality of everyday life at a time in Scotland after a famous battle, and the repercussions of deeds done at the time with all the regrets that ensue.
It’s a tale that captures the lives of people from across the political and social spectrum. Highlighting everything from Kings to mistresses, Bishops to shipwrights and everyone else in between: from the premature death of children, struggling to put food on the table and paying rents, bills etc. to the hierarchical issues and political machinations of the day.
Told in an extraordinary poetic language both engaging and thought provoking, that gives you an idea of the everyday life at the time the story is set.
Informative and engaging – personally I could have easily read it just because of the rhythmic language that is used in its portrayal of events. Add to that the great story and you end up with a very pleasurable read indeed.

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