Book review: ‘Western Approaches’ by Graham Hurley for @lovereadinguk

ImageHurley’s new novel does not disappoint, it’s well written and absorbing, all the way through. In taking his family from the urban pressures of Portsmouth, Detective Jimmy Suttle, settles them in a damp cottage in rural Cornwall – a place he loves but his wife hates. So begins a story of two parts, with Suttle immersed in his job investigating an intriguing murder of a man no-one seems to have liked and his wife slipping into depression. This depression is only alleviated when she finds comfort through the physical exertion of rowing and a burgeoning relationship with one of the club’s leading lights. Unfortunately the man in question is one of Suttle’s prime suspects. Things get more complicated when Suttle’s past police career successes catch up with them, in a less than pleasant way. The stories are beautifully woven together, with fascinating characters and plenty of dead ends to keep the grey matter busy. Eccentric personalities in realistic scenarios, make a traditional murder case much more than an escape to the country!!!



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